Frequently asked questions

Login & Registration

Yes, you have to register in order to book a ticket for any event.

Yes, you have to register as normal user & press create event but you will be automatically put on the essential plan.

Account Types and Verification

You must create a personal account first & then you must apply for the verification process by submitting your business’ commercial record and tax card. The verification process takes 3 hours to be accepted or rejected.

Normally the verification process gets rejected because of legalities like: providing misleading information, applying with outdated papers, etc.

If your request of being verified got rejected, you can apply for the verification process after two weeks from being rejected.

Subscription and Packages

You can kindly check our packages at our @pricing plans page

Yes, you can switch between the packages anytime.

No, it won’t have any affect your previously created events.

You can’t combine between these two types of tickets as the essential package offers you only one type of ticket so its either paid or free tickets for your event.

Booking Tickets

Yes, you need to be a registered user in order to book a ticket.

Press on your profile icon in the right top corner, press my tickets which will redirect you to your tickets page where it will show tickets of your past and upcoming events.

The minimum age for booking a ticket is 16 as you must register with a valid national ID.

The maximum number of tickets a single user can book are 10 tickets. It also depends on the organizer settings as it is up to the organizer to limit how many tickets a single user can book.

You can pay online through our platform or you can pay on-door if the organizer provided this option.

After a successful booking process, the user will be sent a confirmation email with a QR code which the organizers can scan on the gates alongside the ticket details


PassBoard doesn’t work with a single refund policy as the organizer have multiple options to add for his event.

That means that the tickets on this event is non-refundable or the user didn’t meet the refund terms.

You will find that your refund request has been approved.

Unfortunately, users can’t cancel their free tickets.

You go to the activities page in the top right corner, then you go to the inquiry page where you can submit your inquiry.

You can request to be on the waiting list of an event after the tickets are sold out to let the organizer know that users need more tickets.

Users who requested to be on the waiting list of an specific event while get a push notification or an email to let them know that their request has been approved.

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